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La Panthère


Elegance & Comfort

Why La Panthère?

- Power & Elegance

- Street Legal

- Custom made

- Vintage Design

- Latest Technology

Latest DRL Headlight For Bikes


- Extra bright in night time

- Latest Technology

- Functional and beautifully crafted

Comfortable leather seating & grips


Full LCD coloured display


Texolabs Pty Limited was established in 2009, when CEO, Richard Kiss thought of combining his love for electric bikes and his passion for innovation. He took up cycling while recovering from an injury and decided to create an innovative electric bicycle that has an elegant vintage look, is practical to use for daily commutes, and is comfortable. 


At Texolabs, we believe in creating vintage electric bikes that look stylish and ride like a dream. Underneath the vintage cover lies a great masterpiece of machinery designed and built to provide people a way to escape the city traffic in an eco-friendly manner. The greatest thing about Texolabs is that we believe in building a complete package that is elegant yet powerful. 


We also believe in incorporating the latest technology and innovation in our designs. Our electric bikes use DRL headlamps which provide extra brightness at night along with a full LCD coloured digital display for all the necessary information.



At Texolabs, we believe in creating electric bikes that look stylish and ride like a dream.


Our company was established in 2009 to develop innovative products. After taking up cycling while recovering from an injury, its CEO decided to combine his passion for innovation with his love for electric bikes by creating an innovative electric bicycle which was also beautiful, high quality and affordable.

La Panthère 

Vimtage Style Electric Bicycle 

La Panthère, as the name suggests, has a design that is inspired by the beauty and athleticism of a panther. There are many vintage style bikes for sale in the Australian market but what sets La Panthère apart is its elegant retro look combined with the right amount of robustness.  


La Panthère’ design incorporates DRL LED headlamps, crafted leather saddles, a powerful motor and a 48V battery. The powerful lithium-ion battery and all-terrain wheels make it one of the most reliable custom-made vintage electric bikes in Australia.


La Panthère is for people who love vintage design, have a zeal to experience the latest in technology and want a smooth ride. La Panthère is custom made and comes bundled with many high-tech features which work in beautifully with its classic build.


For more information on the many unique features and components of La Panthère and pricing, please click on the below button.





Office: + 61 (0) 414 212 811



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