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Electric Bikes Sydney

Sydney is the most populous Australian city and the capital of the southeastern state of New South Wales. Located on the east coast, the geography of Sydney includes the Pacific Ocean on the east and low hills or plateaus to the west and south. The Hawkesbury river runs through the northern part of the city, giving the city a variety of terrains, making it a paradise for people who live to ride.
Sydney is also home to almost 65% of the state’s population, making it a full of traffic congestions, surely not a desirable place for a person who likes to stroll or ride for leisure.
Make Texolab’s La Panthère, a vintage electric bike, your ride in Sydney. The idea is to cut through the traffic and reach the destination on time without incurring any extra costs. Running an electric bike is cheaper than a petrol bike, helps in reducing your carbon footprint as well.
Sydney has more than 70 ocean beaches with sunrises and sunsets to die for. Another advantage of our vintage style electric bikes in Sydney is a leisure early morning ride to the beach to enjoy the scenic sunrise.

Vintage Style Electric Bicycles

We always wanted to build something different and classy. Texolabs’s La Panthère combines old school retro style with modern tech to deliver the best vintage style e-bikes in Sydney. The electric bikes are a practical solution for city commutes in Sydney to avoid traffic. Features like the leather saddle and seat suspensions are best suited for the rocky plains of the city and also serve well while riding in the suburbs.
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