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Electric Bicycle Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is the fifth most populous city in the country. Adelaide is a region with rocky plains and desert landscape with long summers and short, mild winters. To the east are the Mount Lofty Ranges and to the south is the Fleurieu Peninsula with mesmerising beaches and astonishing sunsets. Perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, right?
The city of Adelaide is situated on the Adelaide Plains, with almost 75% of the population living in the metropolitan region. Thus, traffic jams are likely to be around the city centre. With our time-tables becoming more dynamic, there is a need for our commutation methods to evolve similarly.
Texolabs’s vintage electric bikes are classy yet vibrant, thanks to the powerful and more efficient 250W motor and a top range battery. The electric bicycles can handle various terrains ranging from rocky plains, hills, and sandy beaches.

Vintage Style Electric Bikes Adelaide

Stuck in traffic and getting late for work? Not able to explore the outdoors of Adelaide? Wish to go on a short leisurely ride?
Buying a vintage style electric bike in the rocky plains of Adelaide will be a good idea. Only the design is vintage, but our electric bicycles meet the modern comfort needs by offering a leather saddle along with seat suspension.
Our vintage style electric bicycles in Adelaide are a perfect blend of retro style and modern tech.
Overall, we believe in providing a solution that solves all the necessities of your daily commutes or weekend stroll.
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