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Vintage Electric Bikes Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state of Australia, is located at the south-east coast of the state. The city is in the region of alpine forests and towards the eastern part are low-lying mountains.
The central part of the city is not much populated, but the population is evenly distributed within the city, which makes it the second most populated city of the country. It accounts for almost 20% of the country’s population; thus the roads across the city are often busy. The weather is usually on the pleasant side, making it perfect for enjoying the outdoors.
Our vintage style electric bikes in Melbourne are a revolutionary way to enjoy a relaxing ride to the hills or the beach. The modern tech, powerful motor, efficient battery, and retro design make the electric bikes more motorcycle than a bicycle.

Vintage Style Electric Bicycles

CEO, Richard Kiss always wanted to change and innovate the way people commute within the city. Texolabs’s La Panthère combines his love for vintage designs with innovative modern tech to deliver the best vintage style electric bikes in Melbourne. The electric bikes are a practical solution for shorter commutes and help in reducing air pollution as well. Features like the leather saddle and seat suspensions are best suited for comfortable forest adventures and mountain rides.
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