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Vintage Style Electric Bicycles Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is the most populated city in the state. Much of the city lies in the plains where the Brisbane river flows, but the outskirts of the city include a fantastic variety of geographies. It is hard to find a perfect mix of such beautiful landscapes all together at a single place.
Traffic in Brisbane is increasing drastically, which demands a solution. Texlolabs’ La Panthère is the best electric bicycle in Brisbane for city commutes and a great way to solve traffic congestion.
These vintage electric bikes are not just a stylish piece of design but your best friend for a comfortable daily office commute. La Panthère was built to revolutionise the biking experience. The powerful motor and comfortable leather seats ensure that these vintage style e-bikes are your first choice riding partner in Brisbane.
The high-tech equipment ensures a massive upgrade to your style quotient but also offer an enjoyable ride if you wish to explore the outskirts of the city. The suburbs include mountains like Mount Coot-tha and some not so high cliffs. The eastern end of Brisbane consists of some marvellous beaches like the Woorim beach, a perfect place for a leisurely ride on your vintage electric bicycle to get away from the city’s traffic.

Electric Bicycle Brisbane

Not in a mood to drive your car in traffic? Driver's licence suspended? Wish to take a stroll at the beach? Don’t want to spend extra on fuel? Texolabs’s La Panthère electric bike is the solution for all such problems.
With increasing traffic and pollution, an electric bicycle in Brisbane is a way to get anywhere faster. Cut your way through the traffic in a flash without spending extra on fuel. Enjoy a smooth, comforting ride in the lap of the mountains or at the beach.
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