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La Panthère 

Elegance & Comfort

Inspired by a panther, "La Pantehère" is a custom made electric bike that is street legal. Its simple elegant design is inspired by the best vintage bikes. It provides a smooth and enjoyable ride and has the power and robustness to make it highly practical and suitable for a variety of purposes.
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LaPanthère E-Bike Pricing
Included in La Panthère E-bike pricing: $4,150

1. Genuine Leather Saddle
2. Genuine Leather Grips
3. Seat Suspension Santour SP12-NCX
4. Back light & Alarm with remote control
5. Throttle
6. Full LCD Coloured Display
7. DRL Headlight
Black Bike Rack - $80
- Increased battery power (48V/20Ah-960Wh) - $220
- Award-winning Folding Lock + Alarm 
 (Abus Bordo 6000A Alarm) -   Extra $220
(Highly Recommended - not sold separately)
Free shipping to major cities
(Limited Stock - Please contact us if you are interested in a bike)
Components Details


Safe, Retro & High-Tech

First made in  2018 for prestige motorbikes, this LED headlight is a stand out with its DRL  (Daylight Running Light) function, making it a safety feature during the day and a strong night light. The beautiful design of the headlight is inspired by a 1920s vintage look.


Saddles & Grips

Genuine Leather for comfort

The LaPanthère  e-bike comes with a genuine leather saddle and grips providing comfort and a classy look. The saddles come in Black and Giallo. The grips come in Black and Dark Giallo.



Full LCD coloured display

Multi-function coloured display showing riding mode selection, speed, battery capacity, PAS level selection, total distance (ODO) and trip.


Seat suspension

Extra stability for a smoother ride

The Suntour SP12-NCX Suspension parallelogram design is smooth and effective for bump suppression on roads, transforming a hard ride instantly into a full suspension feel. This seat suspension mechanism can be removed. The seat suspension use is recommended for people 175cm tall or over. 

For a smoother ride

Front Fork Suspension

Beauty & Comfort

The elegant Italian retro inspired front fork has double springs with a suspension function, delivering another layer of on-road stability, beauty, and comfort.


Motor & Battery

Extra stability for a smoother ride

Using a 250w power motor and a top range lithium-ion 48v/12amp, 576w/h battery, our rear-drive geared motor is stronger and more efficient than a normal 250w motor that uses a 36w battery. This motor can cope with big hills and heavier riders.The motor conforms to the current EU15194 standard & Australian standards for on-road electric bikes.

Street Legal & High Torque

Brakes (HD)


The bike uses highly effective  Tektro Hydraulic series E-350  front and back disk brakes. 

The throttle is included in bike price, but not installed. Cables already in place.

(May only be installed when used off-road).

Seat suspension
Frot suspension
Motor & Battery
Brake & Throttle