La Panthère 

Elegance & Comfort

Inspired by a panther, "La Pantehère" is a custom made electric bike that is street legal. Its simple elegant design is inspired by the best vintage bikes. It provides a smooth and enjoyable ride and has the power and robustness to make it highly practical and suitable for a variety of purposes.
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LaPanthère E-Bike Pricing
Included in La Panthère E-bike pricing: $4,150

1. Genuine Leather Saddle
2. Genuine Leather Grips
3. Seat Suspension Santour SP12-NCX
4. Back light & Alarm with remote control
5. Throttle
6. Full LCD Coloured Display
7. DRL Headlight
Black Bike Rack - $80
- Increased battery power (48V/20Ah-960Wh) - $220
- Award-winning Folding Lock + Alarm 
 (Abus Bordo 6000A Alarm) -   Extra $220
(Highly Recommended - not sold separately)
Free shipping to major cities
(Limited Stock - Please contact us if you are interested in a bike)
Components Details


Safe, Retro & High-Tech

First made in  2018 for prestige motorbikes, this LED headlight is a stand out with its DRL  (Daylight Running Light) function, making it a safety feature during the day and a strong night light. The beautiful design of the headlight is inspired by a 1920s vintage look.


Saddles & Grips

Genuine Leather for comfort

The LaPanthère  e-bike comes with a genuine leather saddle and grips providing comfort and a classy look. The saddles come in Black and Giallo. The grips come in Black and Dark Giallo.



Full LCD coloured display

Multi-function coloured display showing riding mode selection, speed, battery capacity, PAS level selection, total distance (ODO) and trip.


Seat suspension

Extra stability for a smoother ride

The Suntour SP12-NCX Suspension parallelogram design is smooth and effective for bump suppression on roads, transforming a hard ride instantly into a full suspension feel. This seat suspension mechanism can be removed. The seat suspension use is recommended for people 175cm tall or over. 

For a smoother ride

Front Fork Suspension

Beauty & Comfort

The elegant Italian retro inspired front fork has double springs with a suspension function, delivering another layer of on-road stability, beauty, and comfort.


Motor & Battery

Extra stability for a smoother ride

Using a 250w power motor and a top range lithium-ion 48v/12amp, 576w/h battery, our rear-drive geared motor is stronger and more efficient than a normal 250w motor that uses a 36w battery. This motor can cope with big hills and heavier riders.The motor conforms to the current EU15194 standard & Australian standards for on-road electric bikes.

Street Legal & High Torque

Brakes (HD)


The bike uses highly effective  Tektro Hydraulic series E-350  front and back disk brakes. 

The throttle is included in bike price, but not installed. Cables already in place.

(May only be installed when used off-road).


Lock & Motion Alarm

Award-Winning & Double the security

The ABUS BORDO 6000 A (alarm) is a top of the range extra-strong folding lock with an integrated 100dB motion triggered sound alarm.

Optional Purchase - Extra: $200 


Backlight & Back Alarm

Another layer of security

An essential safety feature included is the back light which has three lighting settings and additionally has an alarm function. The alarm is very sensitive and loud. The alarm and backlight function are commanded by a remote control. 


Specification Summary